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CRM development

Complex automated CRM-system (from the English. Sustomer Relationship Management - customer relationship management) are today one of the most popular products on the market of software for business. If the very appearance of CRM-systems due to the need to optimize business processes in today's market, the key to their popularity is the high customer orientation, allows developers to tailor-made solutions to model the business process of any degree of complexity in all its fullness and dynamics of relationships. Established in 2008, Osnova Solutions is the UK leader in CRM development, administration and web development.

The introduction of CRM-system means moving from static customer database to a dynamic and full-featured client operating environment that provides full automation "front office" and the wide range of tasks in the field of marketing, sales, service, business planning and reporting. Today, with the rapid growth of competition, this is the information is often decisive breakthrough in the rivalry between the two companies.

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